IDE installer

Installing XploR using the IDE installer

There are two ways to install the IDE:

  1. Using the IDE installer.
  2. With xip.

This section contains instructions on how to install the XploR IDE using the installer on Windows or Linux hosts.

Note: The installer needs to pull development packages from the internet. Please make sure that your machine has internet connectivity.

Download the IDE installer

Installer for Linux
Installer for Windows

Start the installer

On Windows

Run the executable installer by right-clicking on the executable from the desktop or file manager and selecting Open:

example image

On Linux

Open the terminal and run the installer


example image

Select the Next button to proceed with the installation.

example image

Once Next is selected, you shall be presented with the XploR IDE License Agreement. Review this agreement carefully, then select “I accept the agreement” and Next to continue or Quit to exit.

example image

Once Next is selected, you will see the information: Choose a directory name without space characters.

Please choose a destination path without spaces. If XploR IDE is installed on a location containing spaces, the application build will fail. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release. Select OK to continue.

example image

Once OK is selected, the installer presents the installation path. You can choose or enter an alternative. Select Next to continue.

Note: Please choose a destination path that is not available. If XploR IDE is installed in an available location, the data cannot be completely uninstalled. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release.

The XploR IDE installer presents a summary of packages to be installed.

example image

Then select Next to proceed.

Once Next is selected, the selected packages will be copied into the installation directory.

example image

Select Next to start the installation.

example image

example image

After all the XploR IDE files have been copied, one final dialog is presented below. Select the Finish button to complete the installation of the XploR IDE.

example image

Click OK to launch XploR IDE.