XploR Components

Recipes to enable your design

Components are packages of hardware and/or software IP(s) that are bounded to specific execution platform(s).

mainframe XploR components

state "xplor.design - component registry" as registry {
  state "Free components"
  state "Paid components"

state "Contributors" as contributors {
  state "SoC.one" as socone
  state "Open source developers" as developers
  state "Third-parties vendors" as vendors

socone --> registry : contributes
developers -up-> registry : contribute
vendors --> registry : contribute

state "XploR Studio" as IDE 
state "Target Platform" as target

IDE : User downloads and installs
IDE : components from XploR.design
IDE : on the host system.
IDE : 
IDE : XploR studio deploys components
IDE : on target platform
registry -> IDE : download &\ninstall

IDE --> target

Components are fully integrated with XploR Studio, and can be installed and used by themselves or in combination with other components.

Creating and contributing components

Developer can create and contribute components to XploR Design component catalog. Once downloaded and installed, contributed components are loaded dynamically XploR Studio.

The experience of implementing an XploR Design component is comparable to that of writing a web browser extension. To learn more about XploR component creation, please refer to the Packaging components documentation.

IP(s) versus components" The HDL implementations of hardware peripherals, accelerator, or ISA such as ARM or RISC-V are IP(s). components are combination these IP(s) that has been customized, configured, and built to execute on specific target execution platforms, such as FPGA(s) from AMD or Intel.


  1. Components provide clear and concise purposes - components serve as a detailed plan or a design that outlines the necessary steps and materials required to construct or create a design.

  2. Components act as reference model - components prototype the functional behavior of the design, and can be used as a reference or golden model to help to ensure that the finished product is consistent with the original design and meets the expectations and requirements of our customers.

  3. Components enable early software development - Together with XploR Studio IDE, components enable developers to design, test, and debug software in pre-silicon phase in order to identify and address potential issues beforehand.

  4. Components promote reusability - In many cases, HW and SW IP(s) in components are hardened and reused for in-silicon and post-silicon deployment.