Introduction to XploR blueprints

Blueprints are packages of hardware and/or software IP(s) that extend XploR Studio with custom features and behaviors for specific execution platform(s).

The Blueprint Catalog is a collection of free and paid blueprints from, community contributors, and commercial vendors.

Note: You can peruse the Blueprint Catalog from the XploR Studio Dashboard via the Blueprints menu entry, or with xip.

mainframe XploR blueprints

state " - blueprint registry" as registry {
  state "Free blueprints"
  state "Paid blueprints"

state "Contributors" as contributors {
  state "" as socone
  state "Open source developers" as developers
  state "Third-parties vendors" as vendors

socone --> registry : contributes
developers -up-> registry : contribute
vendors --> registry : contribute

state "XploR Studio" as IDE 
state "Target Platform" as target

IDE : User downloads and installs
IDE : blueprints from
IDE : on the host system.
IDE : 
IDE : XploR studio deploys blueprints
IDE : on target platform
registry -> IDE : download &\ninstall

IDE --> target

Creating and contributing blueprints

Developer can create and contribute blueprints to XploR Design blueprint catalog. Once downloaded and installed, contributed blueprints are loaded dynamically XploR Studio.

The experience of implementing an XploR Design blueprint is comparable to that of writing a web browser extension. To learn more about XploR blueprint creation, please refer to the Packaging blueprints documentation.