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XploR Studio - The easiest way to create and develop code for SoC designs.

XploR Studio is a flexible, configurable software environment to enhance the embedded development experience. With a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities, XploR Studio makes it more efficient and effective for developers to discover, configure, develop, debug, and deploy commercial as well as open-source cores and related IPs on a wide range of execution platforms.

Key Features

Some of of the key features of XploR Studio includes:

  • Flexibility and configurability: From IoT, consumer and networking devices, to high performance compute hardware and wireless infrastructure, XploR scales to meet your development needs with components and add-ons from SoC.one, third-parties vendors, and open-source developers.

  • Platforms diversity: XploR Studio works with various components consisting of cores and IP(s) from commercial vendors as well as open-source community to let developers choose the best options for their designs.

  • Accessibility: Access XploR Studio from either 64-bit Windows or popular Linux distribution hosts.

  • Baremetal readiness: For developers of IoT devices, sensors, and other embedded systems (i.e. baremetal), XploR Studio works out of the box with GNU or LLVM toolchains.

  • Comprehensive runtime coverage: Additional support for popular realtime operating systems such as Amazon FreeRTOS and Zephyr OS, as well as embedded Linux are also included.

  • Simulator enabled: XploR Studio seamlessly integrates with simulators QEMU to enable prototyping and early software development ahead of hardware.

  • Works with third-parties tools: XploR Studio and related components are constantly evolving to integrate with additional third-parties debug tools and hardware platforms.

Whether you’re working on standalone embedded applications, popular RTOSes, or embedded Linux applications, XploR Studio has everything you need leverage open-source and commercial cores, IPs and platforms for your pre and post-silicon development needs.

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